SKD Kinabalu

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Frigstad Engineering Singapore was involved with the project since the basic design stage. Subsequently, FES was involved in detail design stage, and support in construction stage in Lumut Shipyard, Malaysia.

Contract for Basic Design was awarded in December 2011, extended to Detail Engineering contract in December 2012. In 2013, the shipyard faced a significant delay and affected the progress of FES’s detail engineering.

As part of the deal for a project extension, SKD requested FES to deploy 2 men in the shipyard on rotational basis.

The basic design works includes the following items:

  • Steel scantling drawings and reports
  • Philosophy documents
  • Electrical single lines drawings
  • Piping single lines drawings
  • General arrangement drawings

In the detail design stage, the following works are done:

  • 3D routing and development
  • Equipment selection and detail sizing
  • Machinery arrangement drawings
  • Electrical double lines drawings
  • Piping double lines drawings
  • Structural outfitting drawings

SKD was in the process of doing marketing campaign of the rig and FES was requested to perform an operability study. The study focused on the Drilling Equipment Sets (DES) lifting window of the rig given certain limiting criteria in certain environment condition.