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ONS Innovation Award

Van Aalst group and Frigstad nominated for the innovative drill cuttings handling system to be installed onboard the Frigstad D90 semi submersibles

We are proud to announce that our business partner and supplier, Van Aalst Group Cargomaxx DCS, has been nominated together with Frigstad Engineering for the ONS Innovation Award for their Drill Cutting Solution which is developed in close collaboration with us at Frigstad Engineering, and custom made to fit our new Frigstad D90 Design.

The CargoMaxx Drill Cutting Solution is an innovative, skip-free cuttings handling system to be applied for the newbuilding program at Yantai CIMC Raffles of 2+4 Frigstad D90 7th generation UDW semi-submersible drilling rigs. The DCS facilitates the handling, storage and offloading of drill cutting via specially designed tanks, pumps, piping and hoses.

  • No lifting & handling of skips
  • Higher level of safety, less accidents
  • Free up valuable (functional) deck space
  • Higher performance capabilities
  • Lower the center of gravity
  • Zero discharge cutting handling
  • Less manpower required

What is new?

The Drill Cutting Solution (DCS) is a new approach drill rig waste handling, resolving major logistical waste management challenges faced on board OSV and drill rig operators.

This process no longer requires the use and dangerous lifting of skips and cranes, and the solution is capable of storing and handling the complete drill cutting operation from shakers on-board the drilling rig until the shore based recycling station through pipes, pumps and hoses. It has a complete hands-free automated solution of custom-made tanks, piping, hoses and accessories. Highly specialized robust hydraulic piston pumps with a discharge capacity of up to 35-75m3/hour and discharge pressure of up to 100 bar.

Frigstad Engineering innovative design will be the worlds first fully enclosed underdeck and automated drill cutting solution on a drilling unit.

HSE impact

Unlike the conventional open systems, the DCS is specially developed for drill cutting transfer come with a fully enclosed system on top of a very robust pumping system guaranteeing a spill-free relocation of drill cutting.

The system stores, transports and handles more efficiently to the ecological plant, significantly reducing the chances of offshore dump and its environmental harmful impact.