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Frigstad D90 rig drilled first well

Scarabeo 9 drilled well for Repsol in Cuban waters

On May 18th, Repsol announced that their first well in Cuba has been drilled. The drilling operation ran smoothly, although the well was dry. The company is now plugging and abandoning the well. This was the first out of 3 planned wells in Cuba, and drilled in water depths of more than 5,600ft, location is around 20 miles north of Cuba’s northern coast.

The well was drilled by using the Frigstad D90 designed UDW semi Scarabeo 9, which now will be sublet to Petronas for the 2nd well in Cuba. Scarabeo 9 is on contract with ENI until 2017, but has been sublet to Repsol until 2015.