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Enhanced Version of the Frigstad D90™

Frigstad Engineering has launched an improved version of the Frigstad D90™ design

Frigstad Engineering has launched an improved version of the Frigstad D90™ design with increased capabilities, meeting the latest requirements for exploration and development drilling in ultra deep waters. The latest edition of the Frigstad D90™ designs includes the following enhancements:

  • Full dual drilling capabilities – Increased to 2 x 1250st load paths as well as flow paths from both well centers
  • 50,000’ vertical setback for drilling and casing tubulars
  • 10,000’ vertical setback & 2,000’ horizontal storage for riser
  • Storage & handling capability for two complete 6 or 7 ram BOP stacks (up to 500mt each)
  • Storage & handling capability for multiple Xmas Trees (100mt each)
  • DATS cylinders complete with skidding system capable of skidding 12,000’ of riser and BOP across the entire length of moonpool. Well centres are also adequately spaced to allow for the DATS cylinders to be parked between well centers
  • Superior materials handling capability with internal forklift “highways” on all decks complete with cargo lift
  • DP3 notation complete with 46MW power plant and 34MW thruster capability to ensure stationkeeping in the most onerous environments found in GOM, Brazil & West Africa. Thrusters are arranged in a circular pattern thereby minimizing thruster interaction losses
  • Fully integrated cuttings storage and handling system
  • Open pipe rack deck philosophy ensuring maximum flexibility for deck load arrangements and improved on/off loading capability
  • Open access to both well centers (NOV solution only) using P&S deck cranes
  • Enhanced safety features: Specification of superior lifesaving equipment and particular attention to general arrangements – from lifeboats to helideck to firefighting systems to material handling
  • Accommodation catering for a total POB of 200 men, all in single person bedrooms with windows
  • The Frigstad D90™ has been developed to cater for dual cylinder rig drilling package from National Oilwell Varco as well as dual Ramrig™ drilling package from Aker Solutions (MH).
  • The Frigstad D90™ is a proprietary semi-submersible drilling unit design which has been purposely developed for ultra deepwater exploration and development. The Frigstad D90™ has been designed with superior capacities and is capable of operating in 12,000 feet of water depth and with 50,000 feet of drilling depth.

The Frigstad Engineering group has provided rig designs and engineering services to the offshore drilling and production industry since 1981. With offices in Singapore, Norway, Cyprus and Brazil, the group has established strong ties with major offshore shipyards and suppliers of drilling equipment and is able to serve clients world wide. Frigstad Engineering operates with a deeply embedded philosophy of designing and modifying rigs according to the operational needs of the professionals who work on them and with the expectations of oil companies and investors in mind. Particular emphasis is placed upon equipment selection and arrangements which offers superior safety and operational performance while maintaining the highest levels of environmental protection and cost efficiency.