Frigstad D85 MW

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The D85 is designed for midwater operation. The hull is identical with the field proven hull used for Scarabeo 9. This gives the advantages of unique motion characteristics enabling the highest window of operation.  Combined with ample free deck space, with exceptional material handling facilities and high Variable Deck Load, provides a very efficient operation. Equipped with a single quad derrick with offline standbuilding to ensure high efficiency drilling.  Ability to transit with full set backs, 5.000 ft Riser in 100 ft stands and 40.000 ft drillpipe, saves days on each rig moove which again translate to saved overall cost.

The general arrangement of the unit has been carefully developed utilizing the extensive practical experience of the personnel at Frigstad Engineering and Frigstad Offshore. All aspects of equipment functionality and placement have been carefully considered to ensure that each process is safe and efficient.

Optimized rig design & efficiency

  • Quadruple drillpipe setback, 40.000 ft
  • Vertical riser storage, 5.000 ft -100 ft joints.
  • Trip saver with skidable N-line tensioner system
  • Designed and prepared for all third party operations
  • Triple mud system
  • Handsfree gooseneck system
  • BOP depth-compensated accumulator bottles
  • Large deck space and internal storage/workshops
  • Hight transit speed
  • Rig moves with full set-backs


  • Drill production & exploration wells
  • Batch Drilling
  • Completion
  • Intervention
  • Wire line operations
  • Plugging of wells
  • Well testing and clean-ups
  • Coiled tubing
  • Managed pressure drilling

Outline Specification

SOLAS 2011 Edition, MARPOL 1973/78, IMO MODU-CODE 2009, all with latest amendments
Maximum Wind Velocity (Stability) 70 Knots / 100 Knots
Wave Height Hs 14.6 m (47.9 ft)
Air Gap (Operational / Survival) 10.0 m /16.5 m (32.81 ft/54.13 ft)
Length of Pontoons 110.0 m (361.0 ft)
Width & Length, Pipe Rack Deck 80 m x 77 m (262.5 ft x 252.6 ft)
Height to Pipe Rack Deck (ABL) 42.4 m (139.1 ft)
Draft (operational) 23.6 m (77.4 ft)
Draft (survival) 17.1 m (56.1 ft)
Drilling depth (max) 40,000 ft (12,192 m)
Displacement (operational) 52,951 t (52,114LT)
Displacement (survival) 46,293 t (45,562 LT)
Displacement (transit) 38,520 t (37,911 LT)
Water depth (outfitted) 457.2 m (1,500 ft)
Water depth (max) 1,500 m (4,920 ft)
Water depth (minimum) 70 m (230 ft)
Bulk mud, upper hull 327 m3 (11,548 ft3)
Bulk cement, upper hull 327 m3 (11,548 ft3)
Sack material, upper hull 10,000 sacks
Base oil for mud, pontoon 479 m3 [3,013 bbls ]
Liquid mud / brine, upper hull 1,340 m3 [8,428 bbls]
Liquid mud / brine, pontoon 1,103 m3 [6,938 bbls]
Diesel FO (MDO) 4,298 m3 [27,034 bbls]
Drill water, pontoon 3,074 m3 [19,335 bbls]
Potable water 1,112 m3 [6,991 bbls]
Open pipe rack deck area 3,212 m2 (34,574 ft2)
Variable deck load (max operational) 7,800 t (7,676 LT)
Variable deck load (max transit) 5,860 t (5,767 LT) incl. anchors & chains
Payload (max operational) 12,266 t (12,072 LT)
Total capacity of 160 men in 1 and 2 men cabins with attached toilet/bathroom, 10 spaces and service facilities
Deck Cranes Two (2) 80 t revolving deck cranes with 46 m main boom, certified for personnel lift. Each crane is equipped with two 5 t tugger winches for material handling. One (1) 9 t knuckle boom tubular handling crane winch for material handling
Main Power / Emergency Power Six (6) diesel engines, each with 3,340 ekW capacity. Total installed horsepower is approximately 20,040 ekW. Two (2) of the main generators are assigned as both main and emergency generator.
Each shall be located in separate compartment. Engine exhaust shall comply with Tier III
Power Distribution AC Power propulsion, Mooring and VMC system. 11kV AC Alternators.
Thruster Four (4) 3.0MW azimuth thrusters for Automatic Thruster Assisted mooring and self-propulsion. Thruster is installed with a fixed pitch propeller with an 8o tilted thruster.
Mooring System Four (4) triple drum windlasses with twelve (12) underwater chain fairleads. Stationkeeping is a 12 points chain mooring system with automatic thruster assisted.
At water depth up to 457 m (1,500 ft) the system can operate as self-help mooring, for deeper water depth the system shall operate in a preset /insert mooring mode. Twelve (12) chain lockers in pontoon for stowage of 84 mm chain of 1,500 m length.
Drilling Rig Single Quad Derrick with API gross nominal capacity of 2,500,000 lbs with a lifting height of 64 m and a maximum set-back load capacity of 908 t (1,000 st), equipped for offline stand building capability.
Derrick shall be installed with a personnel elevator of 500 kg lifting capacity.
Rotary Table One (1) 60.5" rotary with independent drive
Top Drives One (1) top drives with 680 t (750 st) capacity
Riser Tensioners Four (4) dual wire line tensioners, each with capacity of 200,000 lbs totaling 1,600 kips
BOP and Riser One (1) 18.75" x 15,000 psi Annular preventers. Five (5) 18.75" x 15,000 psi Ram preventers. 5,000 ft (1,524 m) of 21" risers, 50 ft joints with C&K, booster and hydraulic lines.
Riser setback area is capable of vertically racking 5,000 ft of risers (100 ft stands made up of 2 x 50 ft lengths)
Drill String Tubular setback / fingerboards is able to rack approximately 40,000 ft of drilling string, includes 5 7/8" drill string with subs, drill collars, heavy weight drill pipes.
Mud Pumps and Treatment System Three (3) water-cooled Mud Pumps, single acting Triplex, 2200 HP, 7,500 psi, optional for a 4th mud pump.
Four (4) Shale Shakers with header box/flow divider. Space reserved for two (2) additional shakers.
One (1) gumbo conveyor, two (2) Degasser units, two (2) 60 bbls trip tanks. Space reserved for two (2) set of mud cleaners (desilter and desander)
Elevators for Crew and Provisions Two (2) freight & personnel elevators of 1,500 kg capacity in port/aft and starboard/forward column
Two (2) freight & personnel elevators of 6,000 kg carrying a laden forklift in port/aft and starboard/forward upper hull
One (1) personnel elevator of 1,500 kg capacity in accommodation
Helicopter Deck Capacity Designed for MI8, S61/S92 and EH 101 helicopters. Helideck is installed with Integrated Fire Fighthing System (DIFFS)
Life Saving Equipment Four (4) lifeboats with total capacity of 320 persons. Lifeboats are sized for average person weight of 98 kg and seat width of 21". Fourteen (14) inflatable liferafts with capacity of 25 persons each. One (1) fast rescue boat.