Frigstad Shekou

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Main features

  • NOV Dual Activity Cylinder Rig with 2 x 1,400st hoisting capacity / 2x 1.250sT Top drives
  • 12,000 ft water depth capacity
  • 60,000 ft drilling depth capacity
  • Vertical racking capacity for 10,100 ft drilling riser in 110 ft stands and 60,000 ft drill pipe in  quad stands
  • Variable deck load capacity of 10,000 MT. Payload excess of 18.000 MT
  • 2x 150 MT platform cranes, and large deck space for handling and storage of a number of fully assembled X-mas trees
  • 2x  7 rams 15K BOP's. 600MT BOP crane, 650MT BOP trolley.
  • 20k ready
  • Large moonpool opening of 44m x 9m
  • Powerful DP3 system with 8 x 4.5 mW thrusters that enables the rig to stay on location in 6,7 knots current.
  • Transit speed up to 10 knots. 
  • Eight anchor winches for hook-up to pre-set mooring system
  • Fully integrated cuttings storage and handling system (600 m³ / 21,189 ft³) designed to offer significant operational flexibility and cost efficiency.



Frigstad Shekou 7th Generation Ultra Deepwater Semi On Sea Trials

Frigstad D90 - Frigstad Shekou & Frigstad Kristiansand 7th generation UDW - With subtitles

Frigstad Deepwater Rig; Frigstad Shekou - Mating Ceremony

D90 - Frigstad Deepwater Rig Alfa - Mating Ceremony Topside and Lower Hull

Outline Specification

Design / Generation 7th Generation Ultra Deepwater Semi‐Submersible Drilling Unit
Constructing Shipyard Yantai CIMC Raffles Shipyard, China
Year of Construction 2015 ‐ 2016
Main Class and Service Notation: DNV ✠1A1 Column Stabilised Drilling Unit
Flag Liberia
Dimensions (Main Deck) 89.0 m x 81.0 m
Draft at load line 24 m Operation draft - 18 m Survival draft
Accommodation max personnel 200
Displacement 69,802 t
Variable Deck Load 10,000 t
Transit Speed Up to 10 knots
Maximum Water Depth 3,657.6 m
Maximum Drilling Depth 15,240 m
Dual Dynamic Hoisting NOV Dual Cylinder Hoisting Rig, comprised of two (2) x hoisting systems, each with its own set of five (5) hydraulic cylinders used to power the hoisting/lowering/heave compensation operation.
Hook Load Capacity Port and Starboard Tower; each has a hoisting capacity 1,400 st Port and Starboard Tower; each has a hoisting capacity 1,250 st in elevator.
Compensator 680 t with 25 ft stroke, Active heave
Rotary Table Two (2) NOV 75.5 in rotary with independent drive.
Top Drive Two (2) NOV TDX 1,250 Top drives, with 1,250 st capacity.
Tubular Handling NOV Dual Vertical Pipe Handling System with manipulator arms. NOV HR IV racking systems for tubular range 2 7/8 in to 14 in. Two (2) x Hydraulic Iron Roughnecks MPT‐200 for tubular range 3.5 in to 9.75 in
Mud Pumps Four (4) NOV 14‐P‐2200 Triplex Mud pumps, 7,500 psi
HP Mud System 7,500 psi, Mud system
Solids Control Four (4) x NOV Brandt VSM 300 shale shakers. Two (2) NOV Desilters, two (2) NOV Brandt HS 3400 centrifuges, one (1) gumbo conveyer, two (2) degasser units and two (2) 11.4 m3 trip tanks. Cargomaxx
Cargomaxx Cutting storage and transportation system integrated onboard below decks. Consisting of six (6) 100 m3 cuttings holding tanks, with direct off‐loading through hose loading stations.
Rotary Sock The Rathole / Rotary Sock is designed for tubulars up to and including 22 in OD and can accommodate up to 27.5 m (depth)
MPD Fully MPD ready for future installations inc Weatherford Microflux solution
Wireline Dedicated wire line locations
ROV Two (2) Dedicated ROV areas – Port and Starboard
Well testing Dedicated well test area, with a 20,000 psi test line from Drill Floor. Two (2) Flare booms aft.
Main Power Eight (8) Wartsila type 12V 32 diesel engines, each 5,760 kW capacity. Total installed power is 46,080 kW
Emergency Power Two (2) x dedicated main engines in two (2) x different engine rooms are classified as emergency generators.
Power Distribution Siemens 11 kV AC Siemens main switchboard, DP switchboard, VFD Drilling / Anchor Winch switchboards with utility switchboards. Common Bus power distribution.
Liquid Mud (Pits) 1,447.1 m3
Liquid Mud (Pontoon) 1,694.0 m3
Fuel Oil 5,346.0 m3
Base Oil 653.0 m3
Brine (Pits) 400.5 m3
Brine (Pontoon) 574.8 m3
Drill Water 4,811.8 m3
Potable Water 1,256.4 m3
Bulk bentonite/barite 510.0 m3
Bulk Cement 504.0 m3
Sack Store 9,168 sacks
Cuttings Wet 600 m3
BOP Two (2) x Complete BOPs. Shaffer NXT 18 ¾ in x 15,000 psi. Seven (7) rams, 2 triple NXT Body assembly. One (1) x DrillQuip DX‐DW , H4 Connector.
LMRP One (1) LMRP complete
BOP Annulars Two (2) x 10,000 psi Annular; Shaffer 18 ¾ in
BOP Handling Overhead BOP cranes two (2) x 275 t and 650 t BOP trolley
Tree Handling Overhead Xmas Tree cranes two (2) x 60 t and 120 t trolley; Independent BOP and Xmas Tree handling.
Marine Risers 3,048 m NOV‐Shaffer FT‐HB 21 in OD and ID 19.25 in 15/16 in wall thickness, 55 ft long, racked in doubles
Riser Tensioners Six (6) x NOV N‐Line, hydraulic cylinder riser tensioners mounted on skid system. Rated for 363 t each
Slip joint Two (2) x NOV 55 ft slipjoint with Integrated Choke and Kill lines handling system
Diverter Shaffer 21 ¼ in 500 WP psi diverter with 16 in flowline and 14 in overboard line
Moonpool 9 m x 44 m. Outfitted with tripsaver
Approvals All meets API STD 53. Full EDS and EHBS.
Intervention BOP ROV intervention panel
Acoustic BOP acoustic secondary control system
Thrusters Eight (8) x 4.5 MW azimuth thrusters – inclined 8 degrees
Dynamic Positioning DYNPOS AUTRO (DP3)
Mooring System Four (4) x double drum winches with 600 m of 83 mm wire and eight (8) fairleads for connection to pre‐set mooring system ( POSMOR ATA)
Anchors Two (2) x 18 t Stevpris type mooring anchors for Emergency mooring
Deck Cranes Two (2) x Liebherr 150 t deck cranes with 57 m boom
Pipe Handling Cranes Two (2) x 14 t knuckle boom cranes
Cargo Handling Two (2) 6 t cargo elevators and several forklifts to service storage and machinery areas on pipe rack deck and inside the deck box and pipe rack deck incl engine rooms, mud pump room, cement unit room, workshops, sack storage, warehouse, galley stores etc
Helideck EH101, Sikorsky S92A, MI‐8 and Sikorsky S16N HCA Approvals
Life‐saving Equipment Four (4) x Fassmer lifeboats ‐ total capacity of 400 persons (98 kg, 21 in seats). 16 x inflatable life raft ‐ Capacity of 25 persons each. Two (2) x Fassmer fast rescue boats
Ballast Water Handling IMO Approved Ballast water treatment plant
Full Dual activity
Capable of self‐moored in up to 500 m water depth
Vertical riser storage of 10,000 ft in doubles
Dedicated forklift path on three (3) decks to optimize cargo handling and minimize crane lifts
Integrated and remote operated Bulk hose loading stations
Watermakers – self sufficient