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Kan Tan IV celebrate 1 year LTI free

Kan Tan IV Offshore New Zealand Crew celebrating One Year LTI free

Kan Tan IV celebrates 1 year LTI free as per the IADC incident statistics programme.

The Kan Tan IV is managed by Frigstad Offshore Drilling (Cyprus) Ltd on behalf of owner Sinopec Star Petroleum Company Ltd. The rig is an Enhanced Pacesetter delivered by FELS in Singapore in 1983, capable of operating in up to 2,000ft of water depth and equipped with a 18-3/4 15K BOP. The rig completed an extensive refurbishment programme including 5yr SPS and dry docking at Keppel FELS in Singapore at the end of 2012 and was put back into service in Q1 2013, drilling for Eni in South China Sea before mobilising to New Zealand to drill for OMW, AWE and Shell-Todd.