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Frigstad D90 Newbuildings - Rig Names

Frigstad Shekou and Frigstad Kristiansand

As you know we have thus far been referring to the two Frigstad D90 rigs under construction in Haiyang and Yantai for Frigstad Deepwater Ltd by their project names Alfa & Beta. I am therefore very pleased to announce the proper names:

Frigstad Shekou  (H1277/Alfa) and Frigstad Kristiansand  (H1278/Beta)

This follows the tradition and naming convention of previous Frigstad rigs & projects, with the rigs being named after a city. Those cities have in common that one way or the other, they have played an important part and meant a lot to the company or realisation of a particular project. This is certainly the case also for these two cities, being home to the parent companies of the two shareholders of Frigstad Deepwater Ltd.

Once part of a cluster of fishing villages situated at the mouth of the Pearl River delta in Baoan, Southern China, Shekou is now part of Shenzhen which as a gateway to southern China, is one of the countrys fastest developing cities with a population of about 15 million, and it hosts one of the busiest ports in the world. In the late 1970s Shekou was also the place where foreign companies in the oil & gas sector established their shorebases and stationed their personnel to support the exploration drilling activities in the South China Sea. Shekou is also the home of the CIMC Group and CIMC Capital.

The city of Kristiansand at the southern tip of Norway is the countrys 5th largest city, yet with a population of only about 85,000. However, founded as a city in 1641, Kristiansand has a proud maritime tradition and alongside the several other coastal towns in the region it had a particularly strong position during the Golden Age of Sail in the 1800s. Today the city is home to a number of world class offshore oil & gas businesses making it an important centre for development of advanced technology & equipment for the drilling industry globally. Kristiansand is also the home of Mr Harald Frigstad, founder and Chairman of the Frigstad Group, and his family.